Faculty are at the core of AMCH. They bring extensive experience in homeopathy, clinical treatment and teaching to our programs. A core value of AMCH is the success of students. Faculty are critical to this aspect of our college, and are trained and encouraged to work with students to ensure their success.

  • Cristina Chise

    Faculty Member

    I have been studying homeopathy since 1998 and practicing since 2000. My teacher is Professor George Vithoulkas, and I am a graduate of his International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. I closely follow the teachings of Hahnemann and Kent. I am a faculty member of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. I have a private practice with my partner Dan Horvath and we practice only Classical Homeopathy. In case taking, I use the Radar computer system to help me find the indicated remedy. I was also a beta tester for the Vithoulkas Compass expert system. This is an on-line system envisioned by George Vithoulkas, designed to help the homeopathic practitioner find the correct remedy, and accurately document the symptoms for every patient visit. It is based on the Kent repertory, with additions from Vithoulkas. Homeopathy is a beautiful and complex science. My goal is to practice to the best of my ability, and to try to relieve my patient's mental, emotional and physical suffering as much as possible.