Acute Care Program Testimonials


"I just really enjoyed learning about the depth and complexities that hold up the theory of  Homeopathy.   I am most passionate about this.  I think I am understanding most and am excited to go deeper.  I really enjoyed the lesson and hope to expand on my knowledge.  I have connected with this course so much more than any other of my Natural Medicine lessons.  I know I have more to learn and absorb but I found it so true to how I believe medicine should be."  -GJ


"This program provides a wonderful introduction to homeopathic medicine."


"This program taught me the basic knowledge to homeopathic medicine acutely."


"The program provided a solid foundation for acute prescribing."


"The instructors were outstanding."


"The course was well organized, with periodic quizzes, syllabus and excellent notes."


"The class is well designed for someone with no prior knowledge of homeopathic medicine."


"My only complaint about the class was that I wish there was more."


"I thoroughly enjoyed this program."  


"I loved the class discussions".  


"The teacher's are great.  I learned so much from them."  


"I can definitely highly recommend this course!"