Bach Flower Essences


Concealing Tension Behind a Brave Face (Conscious suppression); Sensitive to Discord and Disharmony; Internal Restlessness and Worry

  • Goal: To strengthen inner peace so that outside discord is not too disturbing.


Fears things for no logical reason Foreboding; Free Floating Anxiety; Vulnerable to Outside Forces; Superstitious

  • Goal: Faith that one is safe and guarded.


Intolerant, orderly, antisocial; Critical of Others Who Don’t Measure Up

  • Goal: To develop tolerance and learn to appreciate others for what they are, seeing their strengths, rather than evaluating them by their shortcomings.


Timid, easily imposed upon, weak-willed; Too Open to Demands of Others; Codependency

  • Goal: To keep one's own needs in mind, while upholding one's good intentions and joy of service.


Doubts own ability; saps vitality of others by constantly seeking advice and confirmation; Lack of Self Confidence

  • Goal: Inner assurance and wisdom, increasing intuitive powers.

Cherry Plum

Fear of mind giving away and losing control of temper; Fear of internal impulses

  • Goal: Learning to understand the true meaning of the impulses arising from the unconscious, and learning to integrate them into the conscious mind in a healthy, non-threatening way.

Chestnut Bud

Failure to learn from past misjudgements; Impulsive Mind; Restless Mind

  • Goal: To find calm and deepen understanding and learning of life's lessons.


Argumentative, possessive, selfish; Dominating Others; Controlling of Others; Feels Unappreciated

  • Goal: True tuning in to the others' inner world and respect for their wishes. Ability to turn self-pity into continued true devotion.


Day dreamers; Absent Minded; Belief That Happiness Cannot Be found in Present

  • Goal: Trust that happiness is to be found in the here and now and that one can reach for it.

Crab Apple

Self-disgust; Shame; Helplessnes; Guilt; Despondency

  • Goal: To create healthy self-acceptance.  


Competent people who are overwhelmed by work or responsibility; Good for teachers; Despondency or Despair; Feeling Not Empowered

  • Goal: To give inner calm and a new overview so that tasks can be mastered one at a time.  


Easily discouraged by minor setbacks; Givng Up With Obstacles

  • Goal: Faith in one's ability and perseverance. Faith in general.


Convinced he or she will never be cured or saved from his circumstances

  • Goal: New hope.


Self concern; Obsessed with Ailments; OCD; Loneliness

  • Goal: To become a good listener and tune in to others' problems which leads to release of one's own concerns.


Jealousy; Hatred; Envy; Feels Cheated

  • Goal: To stay focused on love and kindness; forbearance.


Homesickness; Unpleasant Nostalgia; Prolonged Bereavement

  • Goal: Trust that present and future promise and hold new happiness. Gratitude for previous happiness.  


Mental fatigue; Prolonged Convalescence; Uncertainty; Avoiding Mental Effort

  • Goal: Mental clarity and joy of attending to one's tasks.


Impatient and Irritable; Loneliness

  • Goal: To allow others to unfold according to their individual pace; patience based on inner kindness.


Lack of Confidence But Not Ability; Despair; Preoccupation and Worry About Self

  • Goal: Creating balanced and sturdy self-confidence by reducing focus on oneself and devoting to people and tasks.


Fear of Unknown Things; Anticipatory Anxiety

  • Goal: Facing feared events with courage and trust.


Deep Depression Without Circumstantial cause; Gloom; No Joy

  • Goal: To bring light and incentive to the mind so life appeals again.


Solid and Reliable; Soldier on Through Difficulties; Works Very Hard; Stoicism; Willpower

  • Goal: To balance work and recreation in a healthful way. To work "playfully."


Total Exhaustion of Mind and Body; Desires to Hide From Present Circumstances

  • Goal: To strengthen and revitalize mind/emotions and body.


Guilt; Despondency and Despair; Self Blame and Regret

  • Goal: Resolve to not repeat the same fault and forgive oneself. Self-forgiveness comes easier when one learns to forgive others with similar faults.

Red Chestnut

Anxiety About Welfare of Others; Worry Abut Loved Ones; Cannot Guard Other; Agitation

  • Goal: Releasing the other to his destiny with faith.

Rock Rose

Panic, Terror; PTSD; Chornic Anxiety

  • Goal: courage, self-transcendence, true heroism; nerve stamina.

Rock Water

Self Repression; Concerned with Self Protection; Over Care for Others Welfare; Desire to Convert Others

  • Goal: To be more reasonably lenient and gentle with oneself. To cultivate the attitude of "live and let live."


Indecisive; Unable to Choose; Fear of Making Wrong Decision

  • –Goal: Lifting the mind to a higher vantage point so that a new perspective and overview can be gained. Reliance on inner wisdom.

Star of Bethelehem:

Shock, Fright; Grief; Bad Effects of Trauma

  • Goal: To soothe and comfort the heart and release trauma.

Sweet Chestnut

Utter Despair; Not Seeing Meaning in Life; Nihilism; Lack of Faith

  • Goal: To have faith and trust in a meaningful universe and be open to guidance by one's inner truth and love.


Overdoers of Things; Perfectionistic; Sensitive to Injustice; Tries to Convince Others to One’s Viewpoint

  • Goal: To be open-minded to different views and allow others to determine their own views and opinions.


Inflexible and Domineering; Influence and Control Others

  • Goal: To let others determine their own course of action and allow oneself to be led, instead of being the leader, should the situation call for it.


Ill Effects of Change in Circumstances or Domination by Another Person; Sensitive to External Impressions

  • Goal: To give inner stability, reduce vulnerability to impressions that may disturb inner balance and deter from the state of being true to oneself.

Water Violet

Aloof and Proud; Loneliness; Haughty

  • Goal: Spontaneous affection, easy opening up toward others, "we are all created equal".

White Chestnut

Distressing or Worrying Event or Situation Prays on Mind (eg. litigation)

  • Goal: To increase serenity of mind so that worrisome thoughts can be kept at bay and free the mind for devotion to the present.  

Wild Oat

Inability to Decide One’s Future Course in Life; Lack of Motivation; Boredom

  • Goal: Rekindling of joy and incentive while engaging in current activities deemed necessary or worthwhile. Inner certainty in one's quest for actualization of one's potentials.

Wild Rose

Resignation to One’s Lot in Life; Too Apathetic to Change; Present Means Unhappiness

  • Goal: To feel empowered again in regard to changing one's lot.