Future Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine Program


AMCH is planning on re-opening its Doctor of Homeopathy Program in 2015.    This program will begin in February each year as a four year full-time degree program.   This program will offer the degree of Doctor of Homeopathy (DH). See the Legal section for more details.  This program will be open to anyone with a Bachelors degree of education or equivalent.  The program will be available as a synchronous online program (real-time learning in a virtual classroom).  This requires a one-week residential intensive per semester.  Please contact us for further details.  

Advanced Standing Tracks

Students with doctoral level medical licensure (MD, DO, ND) will be able to place out nearly all of the medical portions of the curriculum. Students with masters level medical training will be able to place out of a portion of the medical curriculum depending on their training (RN, NP, LAc, PA etc.) Students with homeopathic certification through the CHC, DHANP or ABHt will be able to place out of the most of the homeopathic portion of the curriculum.


The curriculum will provide a comprehensive preparation for the professional practice of homeopathic medicine.  It is based on a firm foundation of the fundamental principles and philosophy of homeopathic medicine. The program will also be innovative and responsive to changes in the clinical environment, health care system and characteristics of the populations to be served. The curriculum is designed to enable students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to meet the educational learning objectives of the program.  The curriculum will be integrated among disciplines and among the basic, clinical, social and behavioral sciences and the humanities.  There will be opportunities for Self Direction in Learning which are included throughout the curriculum.   Electives will be available in the last year of the program.  There will be a focus on Clinical Training, Community, Research and Humanism.  Clinical training will be included in all years of the curriculum and include opportunities for students to participate in interprofessional teams. Professionalism and humanism will be integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. The curriculum is designed to foster both intercollegiate community and the process of becoming a part of the homeopathic

Why Become a Homeopathic Doctor?

Alternative medicine is the coming wave in the future of healthcare.  If you’re interested in an alternative healthcare career, AMCH has much to offer you. Our doctoral program places you on the front line of this accelerating movement. Training to be a doctor of homeopathy at AMCH allows you to become primary health care professionals with an added dimension to your work - a form of treatment that has no harmful side effects and that enhances the overall immune function of patients.  With the push to control costs in medicine, homeopathy will be seen as a valuable treatment option for its cost effectiveness, the timeliness of its cure, and for the curative benefits to its patients.  You will find it both challenging and satisfying.

As a doctor of homeopathy, you will receive the most extensive training in the fastest growing form of alternative medicine in the world today. You will develop skills in diagnosis and medical assessment consistent with being a doctor.  You will be able to order laboratory and diagnostic tests.  You will be able to specialize in pediatrics, women's health, psychological disorders, research, or any number of other specialty fields.

Our doctoral program will train you in leadership, humanistic communication, and in the issues surrounding sustainable green medicine so that you can take a leading role in healthcare discussions, be they community-based or globally-focused. You will receive guidance in business and marketing skills so that you can develop a successful and thriving practice.  Your licensure will provide you with greater credibility so that you can take a place in the rich tradition of homeopathic doctors here in the United States and in the future of healthcare around the globe.

Ten Reasons to Become a Homeopathic Doctor

1.  Establishing Credibility

As a homeopathic doctor you will be eligible for homeopathic licensure in the State of Arizona and for national homeopathic certification.  As a doctor of homeopathy you will have greater credibility for both patients and peers in the healthcare professions. Licensure ensures peer review of patient complaints and greater safety in practice.

2.  Joining a Growing Homeopathic Profession

Homeopathic medicine is the second most common form of alternative medicine in the world today and the fastest growing. By becoming a homeopathic doctor, you will become part of an emerging healthcare profession in North America and join with other homeopathic doctors from around the world.  You can make the choice to specialize in homeopathic medicine from the start rather than choosing a career in conventional medicine and then specializing in homeopathy. Your choice to pursue the Doctor of Homeopathy path will put you in the driving seat as a primary care physician.

3. Train at the Most Comprehensive Homeopathic Training Programs in North America

Attending a homeopathic medical school allows you to receive the most comprehensive homeopathic training in North America. Accredited homeopathic medical schools are required to have over 4000 hours of training in homeopathic medicine by the Accreditation Commission on Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA), whereas homeopathic practitioner training programs average 700 hours of training.

4.  Forming an Identity as a Doctor

As a homeopathic doctor, you will develop and practice skills in diagnosis and medical assessment consistent with being a doctor.  You will order laboratory and diagnostic tests and approach homeopathic treatment in a more comprehensive manner as a result. 

5.  Becoming a Future Leader in Healthcare

Homeopathic doctors are both future leaders in healthcare and future leaders within the homeopathic community.  You will undergo leadership training as part of your curriculum as well as participating in community opportunities to collaborate with other healthcare professionals. We will train you in humanistic communications and sustainable green medicine.

6.  Opportunities for Specialization

You will have opportunities to specialize in various types of homeopathic medicine. This includes pediatrics, women’s health, psychological disorders, research and many others.

7.  Improved Success in Practice

You will be trained for success in practice.  The comprehensive training including clinical skills, medical skills, business skills and marketing skills all promote success in practice.

8.  Make a Good Living

As a homeopathic doctor you can make a good living practicing homeopathic medicine.  Your comprehensive training improves marketability of your practice. The national average of income for doctors practicing homeopathic medicine is $140,000 per year.

9.  Developing Research Knowledge and Skills

If you are interested in homeopathic research you can specialize in this field as part of your training. A sub-specialization within the doctor of homeopathy program is available in research.  As a homeopathic research doctor you will become skilled in analyzing and conducting research studies and evaluating evidence-based data.

10. Become Part of a Lasting Legacy for the Future of Homeopathy

Homeopathic medical schools were part of the rich tradition of homeopathic medicine here in the United States in the early 1900’s. They are also a vital part of the future of healthcare and homeopathic medicine.  Homeopathic medicine is one of the greenest forms of medicine on this planet and is economically sustainable.


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