Homeopathic Practitioner Program Testimonials


Do it to learn.

Do it for the joy of it.

Do it for homeopathy

Do it for all life

Do it!

-Tina Kjohlde


Truly great teachers not only impart knowledge, but call you to grow your

character, inspire and encourage you exceed your own expectations, and lead

by example.  The teachers for this program embody what it is to be a great teacher, and they manage

to do this with the grace, compassion and insight of a skilled healers.  This program is

a rare find indeed.  Thank you faculty for all you have brought to me and our community.


Melanie Chimes MD, MD(H), CCH


There were many best things about the AMCH program  The vido tapes or real patient cases were always fascinating.  Dr. Rowe's use of movies to demonstrate various remedies and their rubrics was always fun and insightful.  The variety in teaching faculty allowed us to see different styles of practice and to discuss methods for interpreting cases.  I was impressed with the whole experience and enjoyed attending classes and studying the curriculum.  Since it was a part time program over three years, it allowed me to continue working professionally and theoretically (in my mind) practice homeopathy as I cared for my patients.

Stefanie Workman MD, MD(H), CCH